Blackwater Cozumel

Blackwater Cozumel

Blackwater Cozumel bRobert Stansfield

Blackwater diving is a night dive in open ocean, well away from a reef, over very deep water. We aim for 3 kilometers away from the shore where the seafloor is over 1000 feet away.  When  we are at the drop zone we cast out a free floating  lighting array that acts as our dive center and attracts in planktonic life.  There is no noticeable current during a blackwater dive so it feels like diving in a supermassive dark swimming pool.


The largest migration of animal biomass happens every single night as animals migrate from the mesopelagic zone unto the epipelagic . In simple terms, plankton (pelagic life forms of fish, corals, and  invertebrates) migrates from the dark depths to the oceans surface each and every night.  This offers us the ability to see otherworldly lifeforms that are otherwise far beyond the reaches of scuba diving.

Here on Cozumel we dive around a free floating lighting buoy several kilometers out into the Cozumel Channel. Unlike Hawaii that makes divers weather to the boat, here we are free to dive around and explore the migration as it occurs. The lights are used to attract life and also act as the centre of the dive, the start and end point for out dive.
Weather is the limiting factor with open ocean dives. We use a large boat that can comfortably operate in waves up to 2m in hight.  For an enjoyable dive we aim for 1.8m or less with the most up to date weather forecast. So if you plan on a blackwater dive during your stay on Cozumel please be extremely flexible with dates for the dive.

That experience was offer by the professional photographer Robert Stansfield


Robert or Rob for the close friends is a published and multi-award-winning photographer. He organizes many macro workshops on Cozumel. Robert is an ambassador for the SUPE, the MARELUX and KRAKEN brands and has been a diver since 2000. He is also a TDI Cave Diver and an SSI/PADI instructor. Before becoming totally dedicated to diving and underwater photography, Robert worked as a touring video engineer for live events, including with big recording artists in rock and roll music.



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